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Our Topsail Island Realtors® are ready to make your coastal living dreams come true.

The sea stars from whom we get our name can be found in oceans across the planet, at every depth of the sea. Starfish are brilliant at adapting to new places, and Starfish Realty brokers are brilliant at helping you adapt to coastal living in the beach home of your dreams.


Whether you’re retiring, relocating to Topsail Island, investing in a vacation home, or buying your first home right here on the beach, our Realtors® will make you feel at home. Get in touch with your Topsail Island Realtor® today. 


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Buying Process & Services

STEP 1: Get Pre-Approved

  • What can you afford?
  • Knowing what you want in a home and finding the area you wish to live in are very important. But, you must know what amount a lender is willing to loan you.
  • We can refer you to a local mortgage broker who will prequalify you or pre-approve you for a home loan – this begins the process.
  • Pre-approval lets the seller know that you have gone through an extensive financial background check and that the lender is ready to work with you.

STEP 2: Define Your Needs

  • It's important to select a professional real estate agent, like the Realtors at Starfish Realty. We can work with you before you begin house hunting.
  • We know the Surf City and Topsail Island area well and can help you define what kind of home and neighborhood will best suit your desires and needs.
  • The finer the details on your wish list, the more effective your home search will be.
  • We recommend dividing your lists into negotiable and non-negotiable items, so we can operate with some flexibility when scouting for your next home.

STEP 3: Happy House Hunting!

  • Now it is time to share your needs with your Starfish Realty agent.
  • We will search the market, based on your needs and desires, to see what is available.
  • We can preview the home for you, show the home via zoom and get answers to your questions before you even walk in the door of a home.
  • At Starfish Realty, we will set up a customized local MLS search so that you receive timely emails showing you what is currently on the market and available for purchase.
  • Once you see homes that pique your interest, we will set up a tour for you so that you can walk-through the listed home.
  • You can also do some research on your own by exploring Topsail Island and discovering your favorite neighborhoods.
  • Communicating your thoughts to your Starfish Realty agent is key and together we will find the home you and your family dream of!

STEP 4: Make an Offer

  • When you're ready to make an offer on a home, your Starfish Realty agent will help you determine your offer price by reviewing recent sales of homes similar in size, quality and amenities.
  • With your input, your agent will draft a written contract that outlines what needs to be done by both parties to execute the transaction.
  • If the seller accepts your offer, the document becomes a binding agreement, so it is imperative that you carefully review it with your agent and speak up if anything is not clear to you.
  • It's important to note that if the seller changes any aspect of the offer, it is not a binding agreement until you, the buyer, agrees to the seller's changes.

STEP 5: Strike a Deal

  • Sometimes, you get lucky and the seller accepts your offer as is. However, in most instances, the seller will make a counteroffer. This is where your Starfish Realty agent's experience in negotiations will be invaluable.
  • Items that are negotiable:
    • Price
    • Financing
    • Earnest money deposit
    • Closing costs
    • Move-in date
    • Repairs
    • Appliances and fixtures

STEP 6: Prepare for the Closing

  • Once the negotiation is final, it is time to go down the checklist of items that you have agreed to perform prior to closing:
    • Hire a closing attorney.
    • Hire a home inspector.
    • Hire a pest management company to ensure there are no termites. .
    • The bank will set up the appraisal and finalize your financing.
  • These items must be done in a timely and professional manner. Your Starfish Realty agent will manage this process for you and knows all the referrals you need.
  • Your Starfish Realty agent is your advocate and will be there throughout the entire buying process.
  • When you have questions, we have answers.

STEP 7: Close the Deal

  • The closing is where home ownership is legally transferred from the seller to the buyer.
  • The closing is a formal meeting between you, your attorney, and your Starfish Realty agent.
  • The closing attorney coordinates all the document signing and the collection and disbursement of funds.
  • Prior to the closing, your lender will send a final closing statement that will outline all of the closing costs.
  • Reviewing this with your Starfish Realty agent ensures all the accuracy of the statement.
  • Once you have signed all of the legal documents, you will be the proud owner of your new home – congratulations!

“Lisa is a true sales professional. She possesses excellent communication skills, is able to multi-task with ease, and enjoys working with customers.”


Buyer’s Agents’ Duties to the Buyer

If the real estate firm and its agents represent you, they must:

  • Promote your best interests

  • Be loyal to you

  • Follow your lawful instructions

  • Provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions

  • Use reasonable skill, care, and diligence

  • Account for all monies they handle for you.

Once you have agreed (either orally or in writing) for the firm and its agents to be your buyer’s agent, they may not give any confidential information about you to sellers or their agents without your permission so long as they represent you. But until you make this agreement with your buyer’s agent, you should avoid telling the agent anything you would not want a seller to know.